We Are Discovery House

Discovery House is a product of decades of experience in the print industry, hundreds of intelligent minds, thousands of creative minds and a place of infinite possibilities.

We provide great co-working virtual space for architects,creators,photographers, and interior designers looking for a hot desk, or meeting rooms.

We have the expertise to help you meet your creative side, through the right print devices providing end to end solutions. Join us today to network with the creative community.

bringing ideas to life
This is a place for anyone looking for a great work and leisure balance to come together and enjoy work.
When workplace feels like home, work becomes fun and lets you transform your ideas into great products.
Connect with creatives & professionals from different backgrounds and cultures and build things that change the world.
Why Choose Us

We Work With High Spirit

We saw a fundamental problem with the design process … most clients had little choice and most designers had few opportunities to find clients.

Our creative and technical team to assist you to make your business flourish!
Awesome in full-service customer experience from introduction, scheduling meetings, negotiation, mailing and general day to day front of house management.
Hands On Deck
Customer satisfaction is my main Priority. Let’s merry out the vivid colors in your artwork into actual paper or substrate of your choice. with our state of art machine.
The Web Man
I design, code & also "rescue" websites to strengthen your company's brand while ensuring ease of use and simplicity for your audience from graphic design, branding to e-commerce solutions.
Angil Dedhia
Productivity master
Let’s talk on the endless possibilities with photography, printing, interior designs, I have the solutions for you.
Creativity guru
Experienced printing consultant with a demonstrated history of learning and keeping abreast of print products, production methods and advice on print machines.
Daktari large format
Analytical Technical support representative skilled at resolving customer support issues quickly while maintaining composure in face of difficult situations both at installation and training services.