What we rock at

We have created an independent creative space that showcases clear thinking, plain speaking innovation in office automation & print productivity.

Explore this facility  today and take advantage of the latest technology and widest range of substrates available in Kenya.

coworking community
Our Creative Designers Offer Incredible Results
As a Discovery House team member, you will also get the benefit of our value added services giving your business the edge to stay ahead.
FREE Ultra Fast Internet
We have fast, secure and reliable internet. All you have to do is bring your laptop, find a cozy spot, and get to work.
Prints, Copies and Unlimited Scanning
Each Discovery House space has at least one multi-functional copier/scanner/printer.
Co-working Space
Our work space is available on-demand and it's perfect for business people looking for a place to work.You can pay for a 1 day pass.
Online Community Portal
We offer a centralized online platform to engage with our community of customers to enable you to share ideas and resources.
Dispatch service
Your dispatch, pickup, and delivery processes will be taken care off as efficiently as possible.
Business Networking
We value our clientele therefore we support a network of like minded businesses to engage each other.